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Educational institutions management systems

We produce specialized software in education and school management filed and what it contains of comprehensive management and Complete structural with the instantaneous correlation between the student, the teacher, the administration and the parents. We did not ignore the educational schedule aspects and automatic distribution mechanisms to teaching classes. As well as the means of communicating with the supervisor and the moral and psychological support for the student .. all that and more in an integrated system designed specifically for educational life that estimates the value of time.

Management programs of training companies

Training companies seek to access to advanced systems that save time and effort and achieve efficiency and effectiveness in training operations, whether traditional or remote training. with the regulatory tools to ensure enriching results in the training phase on its all aspects including organization of financial situation among trainee and the organization company. All of the above is what our company working on and we specializes in it with professionalism.

Patient files achieving and medical programs

Our company has worked for years in the software development field for health services at various levels such as private clinics and general medical centers and hospitals. Besides the Government Medical Development Services and International medical institutions such as the "Doctors Without Borders". We take into consideration the international protocols that preserve the confidentiality of patient data and state of health away from tampering, as we had a big role in production software on health education.

Administrative and accounting systems

We offer to our customers specialized systems include not only accounting but integrate the accounting life of the companies and the statistical studies and financial narrative and the statement of budgets simultaneously with follow up updates whenever developments the financial movement. Besides some of the features of production management in industrial or agricultural and craft aspects. It is what comes out in the end in integrated systems that allow employers to understand everything that is happening with a click .. and one look.

Publishing software and networking promotion

We are working in the advertising publication field and we have a big experience in the target publication mechanisms. we use intermediate platform working on linking all platforms of social media along with estimated readings to access and the proportion of access and read and clicks and also do not deny the role of the partners with us in this field, and remain the password in the success of any marketing campaign is the prevalence rate and the largest number of targeted, and this is what our company are working on cooperation with trustworthy companies.

Cloud Storage

Protection and safety, confidence and easy, the four pillars are indispensable in our business in the cloud computing, with linking and momentary synchronization between all user devices such as laptop, tablet, and smartphone. We add successive notifications for participation among users and to know the new additions and sync when it comes to the collective work within the ceiling of one institution and a lot of features that shorten the time and developable based on the wishes of customers.

Web Projects & Mobile Applications for all devices

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